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Wiktor Łyczko

president / CEO

Specializes in B2B marketing and B2B sales management. Implements the proper lead generation processes, as well as CRM and marketing automation systems in big companies. Designs effective sales processes. Graduate of Warsaw School of Economics. During his PhD studies he held a prestigious position of the senator of WSE and was a member of Collegium of World Economy. Sp. z o. o. is consulting and implementation firm, that specializes in creating the ecosystems designed to generate B2B leads. Our solutions are aimed at three groups:

1. Marketing 2. Sales 3. the Board of Directors

1. Support for Directors of Marketing:

Identification of the Customer Buying Cycle

that will show all the way the customers need to go through, from the moment the need appeared in their mind, to the time they start using the product or service

Designing Lead Nurturing Matrixes (content matrixes)

based on Identified Customer Buying Cycle, used to create content for websites and advertising campaigns

Automation of marketing processes (implementation or optimization of Marketing Automation)

that leads to increase in effectiveness of marketing department and reduction of costs, as well as increase in ROI

We are the guardians of the client's budget

we supervise the campaigns carried out by media agencies budget

Creation of websites (WWW)

dedicated to lead generation with full analytics of a single user

Training of the marketing departments

focused on the modern approach to B2B lead generation, used by the biggest corporations

2. Support for Sales Directors:

Creation of state-of- the-art sales departments from scratch

recruitment, training, coaching for both the managers and the sales reps

Optimization of the sales departments

Training of managers and sales reps

Implementation of effective and easy to use CRM systems

Designing of the sales processes

that can be seamlessly integrated in a specific CRM

3. Support for the Board of Directors

Audit of the sales processes

Audit of the B2B lead generation processes and ecosystems

Creation and implementation of the Lead Machine, a full B2B lead generation ecosystem (processes + IT solutions), being the only company on the market that does that

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