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B2B Lead Generation Programs


What is LGP (Lead Generation Program)?

The Lead Generation Program (LGP) is a set of actions taken by the marketing department in order to collect information about potential customers who can be interested in purchasing your products of services. 

What are the parts of LGP?

  • Creating a lead generation website with tools to gather information about customers' interests
  • Creating proper content which will be used on the website and in the marketing campaigns
  • Launching marketing campaigns that will direct traffic to the website
  • Gathering enough data about the potential customer to qualify him as a sales lead (in accordance with the sales lead definition)
  • Delivering the leads by the marketing department to the sales department 
  • Receiving feedback from the sales department in order to optimize further marketing actions

How should an LGP campaign look like?

A marketing campaign for the Lead Generation Program should focus on the Customer Buying Cycle i.e. the way the customers buy the products or the services you provide. Campaigns can be run online or off-line, with different industries and branches having different preferences. For example, in the IT industry, seminars and webinars are very important ways to reach customers, with an increasing importance of WOD (Webinars on Demand).

When conducting an online campaign it is crucial that the key words in AdWords, mailings and other means of communication be correlated directly with the content on the website. Furthermore, the campaign should not be directed to send the customer to your contact page. With such an approach you will observe huge bounce rates. 

I've got a lead. What's next?

First of all, don't drop the ball! If you already have a lead, you, as part of the sales department, can start the sales process. Check the information you have got. The marketing department should provide you with the data from the registration form along with a set of preferences and interests of the potential client. To gather this type of information, the marketing department uses Marketing Automation software. 

Should I optimize LGP?

Not only should you... YOU ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO! The whole lead generation business is based on the idea of creating your own platform which you can optimize in terms of type of content, its display, call2action etc. You also have to remember that you can optimize your campaigns, bearing in mind that what counts in B2B is the quality and valuable traffic. If you do not generate enough leads, it does not automatically mean that you have to increase the reach of your campaign. Our experience tells us that you can achieve much better results when doing something exactly opposite: using a targeted campaign where your database might be as small as 700 entries and the keywords have a potential of circa 100 per month, if you focus on good, valuable content. 

What do I need to prepare to have LGP?

  • Identify the Customer Buying Cycle
  • Create an internet platform dedicated to Lead Generation
  • Plan and run a campaign to direct the traffic to the platform

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