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Lead Generation Audit


What is Lead Generation Audit?

A lead generation audit is focused on evaluating the lead generation and lead distribution processes. 

The following areas can be audited:

  • The subjects that take part in the process 
  • Demand generation
    • Tools
    • Companies
    • Identification of the places that the internet traffic lands on
    • Problems and bottlenecks
    • People involved in the process
  • Lead Generation
    • Identification of the Customer Buying Cycle 
    • Lead Nurturing
    • Data Gathering Tactics 
    • Qualification of Leads 
    • Dedicated lead generation websites 
    • Marketing Automation
  • System of financial settlements concerning leads and traffic 
    • Subjects taking part in the financial settlements
    • Rules of settlements
    • An analysis of the reports of the settlements 
    • Responsible persons
    • Difficulties in settlements 
  • Personal data protection and databases 
    • Using the agreements while collecting personal information 
    • Registration of the agreements in the system 
    • Registering the proper data in relevant Personal Data Protection Offices
    • Posibility of using the databases with consideration of the current law and agreements given in the past 

What can I gain by auditing Lead Generation?

After the audit, you will receive a full report analyzing the current status of the given areas, along with any recommendations on how to improve them.

Furthermore, you gain the certainty that your organization conducts lead generation according to the law and meets the highest international standards set by the biggest corporations.

Will the results of the audit contain recommendations about improvements?


What are the most common mistakes diagnosed by an audit?

  • Errors in Terms and Conditions in relation to the registration forms 
  • Lack of secure archives of agreements and signed Terms and Conditions 
  • Lack of definition of the lead in the lead generation process 
  • Incorrect distribution of leads 
  • Lack of feedback on the effectiveness of sales working on the generated leads 
  • Incorrectly planned or ineffective B2B campaigns 

How can I monitor the implementation of the recommendations of the audit?

In the audit process we prepare a schedule of the implementation of each improvement, and point to a person who is responsible for it in your organization. You know exactly who is responsible for what in this process. If your company uses a project management software, our specialist will help to configure this software so that the project will be implemented according to the internal policies of your company.

I want to audit Lead Generation. What do I do next?

We are currently the only company in Poland that specializes in these types of audits, so the right thing to do is to contact us!

Contact me, I want to talk about auditing lead generation.

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