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What is the difference between a regular website and one dedicated to lead generation?

A lead generation dedicated platform meets the following criteria:

  • Takes into account the Customer Buying Cycle
  • Is based on Lead Nurturing Matrix 
  • Presents content that is truly interesting for the target group 
  • Uses proper monitoring and tracking tools that allow: tagging of the UU (unique users), mouse tracking, scroll tracking, and recognizing the monitored users in order to detect their preferences in relation to the presented content


What is lead generation?

Lead Generation is a process of gathering data (contact information and behavioral information) about potential customers. When speaking about leads, it is important to remember that a lead contains two types of data:

Demographic (i.e. address, telephone number, e-mail)

Behavioral (i.e. what did they download from the website, how much time did they spend reading a certain article, what did they click etc.)


How do we use internet for lead generation?

Advertising campaigns, remarketing, social media, search engines, specialized websites - these are only a few of the tools used to generate traffic (demand generation). No traffic on a website obviously means no leads, but even enormous traffic directed to an incorrect or inadequately prepared website can result in burning through the budget for promotions. It is important to make sure that your website is designed to support lead generation in a proper way. 

I have my corporate website. Can it generate leads?

Not every website is suited to generate leads. Answer the following questions. The more 'yes' answers you get, the better the chances are you can use your website to generate leads. To be absolutely sure, contact our expert about auditing your website.

Does your website:

  • Have a registration form? 
  • Collect not only demographic but also behavioral data?
  • Have content based on Identified Customer Buying Cycle?
  • Use tools that monitor every single user?
  • Contain a proper amount of Call2Action?
  • Give a user a reason to come back to browse it again?

I want to talk about auditing my website

What is the example of a website that was created specifically for lead generation?

At first glance, it could seem that every website that has a registration form is designed to generate leads. However, nowadays that is only partly true. Our observations tell us that a 'call to action' on this sort of landing pages only reaches a very narrow group of customers, those who are already at a very advanced stage of the buying cycle.

An example of a website that is really dedicated to lead generation might be our website, the one that you are currently browsing. 

Moreover, take a look at It is a lead generation platform that we created for CISCO.

I want to see more examples of websites dedicated to lead generation.

I want to have such a website- what do I do?

If you want to create an internet platform for lead generation, we have both good and even better news for you :) The good news is that you can use the knowledge gathered on this website to try to create such a platform yourself. The better news is that we are happy to help you. Wait no longer, contact us to talk details.

Please contact me about creating a website dedicated to lead generation.

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