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Lead Nurturing Matrix


What is lead nurturing?

Lead Nurturing is about making the leads 'hotter'. It is about using marketing to affect the customers' feeling of need and making them ready to buy. That can be achieved by properly prepared and valuable content.

Which companies need this kind of solution?

Every B2B company that sells solutions, services and certain products, needs to remember about creating valuable content. In B2B the sole description of the product is not considered valuable content. Potential customer expects added value, education, working with an expert, etc. 

What is needed to create the matrix?

To create a Lead Nurturing Matrix you need to identify the Customer Buying Cycle, and its particular parts:

  • Phases of the Buying Cycle 
  • Triggers (what prompts the customer to buy)
  • Needs
  • Persons (including departments, positions, etc.)

What benefits will be achieved by creating a Lead Nurturing Matrix?

First of all:

Thanks to the Lead Generation Matrix you can be sure that the content you are creating is valuable because you will be using information gathered directly from customers that have already bought the product or service and have gone through the entire customer journey- all the steps that a customer needs to take in order to make a purchase. 


The Lead Nurturing Matrix is fundamental to marketing campaigns. It will help you with:

  • Preparing e-mail communication (text and topic)
  • Choosing correct keywords for AdWords
  • Ogranizing events tailored to your potential customers (webinar or seminar)
  • Communicating in the social media

What is the connection of Lead Nurturing Matrix to other elements of Lead Generation?

The Lead Nurturing Matrix is the second step (after identifying the Customer Buying Cycle) in the process of creating a website dedicated to lead generation.

Lead Nurturing Matrix, and then what?

If you already have the Lead Nurturing Matrix, it means that you know what type of content you need to generate for your website, and you already know your demand and lead generation campaigns. The next step would be to create a website dedicated to lead generation, and then to implement marketing automation. 

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