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Marketing Automation System Implementation


What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation is a system that allows us to automate the marketing processes and monitor the behaviour of the users on the websites. Implementation of such a system, if done correctly, can increase the number of leads and their conversion to sales. However, if done incorrectly, it will only be used as an e-mailing tool, without exploring any of its true potential.

What can I learn about the user thanks to the monitoring tools?

Thanks to marketing automation you can gather the following information:

  • Visits from anonymous and identified users 
  • Content interest tracking
  • Psychological typologies
  • Time spent on a particular piece of content 
  • Mouse tracking
  • Scroll tracking

Why do I need to know more about users?

Knowing more about who and how they use your website allows you to purposefully plan your marketing actions, like online and offline campaigns, as well as webinars or seminars. It is also priceless for your sales department since it allows the sales reps to focus the conversation from the generated leads on the topics that are of major interest (a specific product, service, or feature, etc.) 

What marketing actions can be automated by MA?

Thanks to some of the Marketing Automation systems you can automate:

  • E-mailings (mass or individual)
  • Displaying of the dynamic content on the website, which is tied to the interests of the user 
  • Groups of users
  • Tagging the users in order to perform further marketing actions 
  • Sending alerts to sales when the user performs a particular action on the website 

What do I do to automate my marketing processes?

First of all:

To be able to automate your marketing processes, you need to DESIGN your marketing processes, make sure that they work if you use them manually, or have them designed specifically for automation. 

and then:

You need to configure the MA step-by-step and verify if the system covers all the processes or just some of them. It is important to remember that even if the system works with all your marketing processes it does not mean that you can completely eliminate the human input. On the contrary, you should train your marketing team, so that they can analyze the data and create new, more effective processes that later on will be automated in the system.

What kind of content is needed for MA?

And again we come back to a popular saying: 'Content is KING'. The content you are working on, in order to be effective, needs to include the following elements:

  • Phases of the Customer Buying Cycle 
  • Persons
  • Psychological Typologies 
  • Needs
  • Triggers
  • The place of display (website, banner on-line, e-mailing, others)

Can I sell more thanks to MA?

Marketing Automation can directly support sales by adjusting the messages displayed in e-mails and on the website, so that the potential customer is more inclined to press the magic button: 'Buy'. 

What do I need to start the implementation of MA?

Implementation of Marketing Automation is the most advanced level of creating an ecosystem for lead generation. You can start to seriously think about the Marketing Automation once you have secured the following elements:

  • Identified Customer Buying Cycle 
  • Lead Nurturing Matrix
  • Valuable content (for your website, e-mailing, banners, AdWords, etc.)
  • Lead Scoring System 
  • Data Gathering Tactics 
  • Defined marketing processes 

What is the process of implementing MA?

A well-planned and prepared implementation of Marketing Automation can take around 1-2 months. A poorly prepared one can take up to one year and in some cases even more. Typically, it has the following phases:

  • Integration of the tracking code on your website or websites 
  • Tagging the website, in other words, putting all the different tabs in the system 
  • Preparing the paths of automation 
  • Creating the rules of automation 
  • Testing
  • Launch
  • Analysis and optimization of the processes and rules of automation 

It is important to remember that every implementation needs to be designed according to the needs of your company, as well as to the goals of the marketing department.

Implementation of Marketing Automation, and then what?

After implementing a Marketing Automation without giving it much thought, it is very easy to fall into a trap of using it as an e-mail marketing platform. It is important to remember that this software is used to automate certain processes, so it needs to be constantly verified and improved as much as possible. 

If the lead generation "machine" works, you need to identify a moment in which leads will be passed on to the sales department, and then decide, whether that is going to happen automatically through the system, or manually by a dedicated specialist.

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