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Proven and effective training for sales managers and sales representatives


What type of training is not effective?

Our experience tells us that 1-or 2-day training sessions are usually not effective. Especially the ones that take place in a hotel which oftentimes are followed by a big party which are meant to help people bond. The next morning most of the participants will not be too enthusiastic about the training. 

Also, in these training sessions the trainers typically try to present as much knowledge as possible. Unfortunately, the human brain has a limit on the amount of information it can absorb in such a short time.

What to emphasize when training sales people?

Sales people are very straightforward people. Their managers can be even more straightforward. What to put the emphasis on when training sales team members? 

Our answer will be straightforward:

  • An Elevator Pitch
  • Needs analysis through smart use of open and follow-up questions
  • Differentiation between a real need and a supposed need which can derive from the client's ilusions
  • Diagnosis of the psychological typology of the client 
  • Understanding of the sales process
  • Effective use of CRM

Training- and then what?

Training sessions need to be followed up by daily practice. Yes, that is correct, you should practice one particular skill DAILY. It should not last more than 20 minutes for a team of circ. 5 people. Practice sessions should be conducted by a team manager since they have a direct contact with team members. If the team is dispersed and doesn't share one office space, these sessions should be conducted online, and we strongly emphasize that it needs to be done DAILY.

What about trainings for managers?

The manager, who wants to gain authority with his sales team should know more than they do, or at least seem that he does. Every once in a while, he should present an interesting sales technique, a great opening line or show how to perfectly tackle objections. That means that the manager should constantly learn and train DAILY. Of course, when talking managerial trainings we consider not only the skills connected to sales, but also to the leadership.

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